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We loved being here! The room, waitress, meals, bartender and front desk were excellent & lovely choices in the gift shop! Shrimp & fish dishes were perfect as were fruits & veggies.

John & Linda Comeau

Mayflower Bocawina National ParkPDFPrintE-mail

In spite of all the work that has been carried out in the Stann Creek District, little is known of the Maya in this region. A few sites have been investigated, including the Pomona Site and a few mounds around the Sittee River. A third site, centered around a beautiful stream and waterfalls along the Silk Grass Creek is called the Mayflower complex and includes two very minor ceremonial (if ceremonial at all) centers called Maintzunun and T'au Witz.

Maintzunun, which means "small hummingbird", is too small to be considered even a minor ceremonial center, yet too large to be a simple residential structure. The first building at the site must have involved substantial labour and quarrying because large amounts of sand and boulders were used to construct the series of platforms which were eventually topped with pole and thatch buildings.

Evidence suggests that a large pit was dug in front of this structure and burnt offerings of food were made to the gods. A later phase of occupation of the site was destroyed by fire. Other excavations have recovered a small cylindrical incised vessel around which a platform was built to support another thatch building. Such small details at these minor archaeological sites help to paint a picture of the every day life of the ordinary Mayan.

Most of the Mayflower complex is still covered by bush. Very little work has been done here except for a few test pits and some mapping. The site was first mapped in 1975. Despite the paucity of information, some conjecture can be made about the Mayflower site. Due to the size and arrangement of the platforms built up of earth, boulders and sand as well as the careful terracing and construction of retaining walls imply that the Mayflower Complex was a focal point for some kind of important local activity.

The second Mayflower site called T'au Witz (meaning "dwelling of a local god of the hill" is a small flat area or platform of artificial construction. Small pieces of pottery, a small stela and altar were unearthed here, yet the information gained was far too little to either date or make any comment on the status of this site.

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A beautiful hike leads through the habitat for tropical birds, flora and mammals with a splendid double waterfall at the hike's apex.

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