Pelican Beach Resort - South Water Caye, Belize
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"A lovely place with good swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and beautiful sunsets.
Thank you for your hospitality and good food."

Toby Scott
Madison, CT

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"We hope that your stay with the Pelican Beach Resorts will be enjoyable and a genuine Belizean experience ­ with a hint of history, in tune with nature and, wrapped with warm hospitality!"


The island of South Water Caye has a colorful past. Named by local fishermen for the availability of fresh water to be found in shallow wells on the island, prior to the 1970’s. South Water Caye was home to a few local fishermen and summer getaways for several families in the Dangriga area.

Pelican Beach Resorts has facilities in 2 locations on the island both of which are flavored with Belizean history.

  • On the southern end of the island the Pelican’s Pouch - the main lodge, was originally built as a convent for the Sisters of Mercy in the 1940’s and used as a secluded retreat. Connected to the convent via a wooden walkway was a separate building known as the “Bishop’s house” was a separate building connected to the convent via wooden walkway. The second floor dormitory has been converted to 5 guest rooms.
  • Several of the cottages still bear hints of the past as they were either originally constructed as caretaker’s residence or transported from Dangriga where they had been the home of the resident colonial doctor in the 1930’s and 40’s.
  • The Pelican’s University was built in the early 1970's and demolished in 2014. It was located near the center of the island with full facilities for student groups. The University building was originally a farm house built in the 1930’s and towed out to the island in sections in the early 70’s to build the dorms and dining facilities.
  • The Frangipani House (or “Grey House”) is the oldest structure on the island and is rumored to have a friendly ghost ­ the Grey Lady in residence.

The owners of the Pelican Beach Resorts have enjoyed the simplicity and natural beauty of South Water Caye and Carrie Bow Caye and its surrounding habitat for several generations and are eager to share that experience with you. In keeping with our commitment to preserving this fragile island environment we have adopted several conservation practices in our operation:

Our water supply is provided by rain water collected from the roof and stored in large cisterns with 12 v pumps and a pressure tank providing pressurized water to basins and showers.Taking an “Island Shower” is important:

  • Turn the water on - Rinse
  • Turn the water off - Get Soapy
  • Turn the water on - Rinse

We use the sunshine during the day to charge the bank of batteries in our photovoltaic system and a combination of 12v and limited 110v are used for lighting, refrigeration and fans. There are no electrical outlets in the rooms and cottages and you are asked to keep on only those lights that are needed. With heavy use or overcast days, cottage batteries may have to be re-charged via a small generator.

Population and Logistics
Being 14 miles from Dangriga, our staff live on site. Supplies and staff come from Dangriga on boats that are scheduled several times weekly.

Waste disposal
Toilets are state of the art composting toilets in order to minimize the usage of fresh water and, the possible contamination of ground water supply through the use of septic tanks. These toilets are quite simple to use and require either a pint of water or a cupful of compost sprinkled in the toilet after each use. Organic materials are either composted on the island or burnt, while solids are returned to the mainland.