logo Pelican Beach Resort


Picture this:

Warm sand massages the bride's bare feet as she walks toward her future on a shell-lined aisle leading to the water's edge and where the sun slowly dips toward the Maya Mountains on the western horizon...

At Pelican Beach Resorts, we'll make your wedding dreams come true.

We'll provide:
  • the marriage license
  • wedding cake
  • fresh flowers
  • tasty food and exotic drinks
  • music and entertainment

Rent the whole property for your wedding party for a once in a lifetime experience!


A honeymoon on a tropical island, with your honeymoon dwelling tucked into the trees, over the water, and with your own private aquarium beneath the veranda. What more could you ask for?

  • Attentive staff to pamper you with a private dinner on the beach
  • A double kayak for leisurely exercise
  • Tours and activities if you feel like it...