Pelican Beach Resort - South Water Caye, Belize
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"Simply the BEST!!!!
In all our years, of all the places we’ve visited, this has been the most beautiful, warm weather and warm people.
A lovely place on planet Earth.
Thank you so much for everything."

Bob Shefchik & Barbara Sundberg
Fairbanks, Alaska


Snorkeling is a fantastic combination of two worlds - the comfort of breathing fresh air and the blue mystery underneath the ocean's waves.

South Water Caye is one of the few places in Belize where you can snorkel right offshore, across a shallow grass bed and on to a patch reef on the edge of the Carrie Bow Channel.  The path is clearly marked and the snorkeling area framed by marker buoys.   This is a safe and remarkable location to snorkel for the first time, no matter your age.

Below, schools of colorful fish including Creole Wrasse, Blue-striped grunts and the occasional tarpon playfully dart amongs sea fans and coral.

Night Snorkel

With water temperatures in the 80's, a night snorkel is a tropical experience not to be missed.  Led by our friendly guide, wade offshore in waist deep water and join the nightlife of South Water Caye.  Many marine creatures are nocturnal including the lobster, squirrel fish and the iridescent green moray eel.

Snorkel trips

The underwater formations and habitats in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve are diverse and are only a short boat ride away.   Angel Reef, Whale Shoal, the fore reef near Carrie Bow or snorkeling in the fisheries nursery in the mangrove at Twin Cayes are but a few of the options.