Pelican Beach Resort - South Water Caye, Belize
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"We couldn’t have been happier with our stay at Pelican’s Pouch, South Water Caye.
It is truly paradise here ----- the palm trees, hammocks, wonderful staff, and of course the beautiful reef
Naturally, we hope to return and visit once more.
All in all, our ...

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If you get the urge to leave your island home, there are several options for discovery and light exploration.

Man O War Caye

This bird sanctuary is a nesting ground for the Magnificent frigate birds and Brown boobies who share this mangrove island.  With a wingspan of up to 12 feet, the frigate birds are unable to dive into the water or take off from the ground.  They eat by swooping down on floating morsels atop the waves or by scaring the single-minded Brown booby who has travelled offshore to fish and is carrying dinner back to the nest.  In response to the fright, the Brown booby regurgitates its fish meal which is gracefully purloined by the frigate bird.

"Magnificent frigate Bird" aptly described these glorious thieves whose young sport a white head and chest, whose female is white-breasted and where the all-black male displays a brilliant red pouch at his throat during mating season.

Carrie Bow Caye

30 + years of marine science research has been based on the tiny island of Carrie Bow Caye.  In 1972, a field station was established on Carrie Bow Cay, a 0.4 hectare island on the southern portion of the Belize barrier reef crest, southeast of Dangriga, Stann Creek District. The station is not available for rent but serves exclusively as a research base for scientists and support staff with projects approved by the Smithsonian Institution's  CCRE program. It is open all year and particularly busy between January and September. Scientists visit for 2-3 weeks on average and many have research programs spanning decades.

Depending upon the research subject of the 6 scientists in residence at any one time, there may be marine specimens in the running seawater system set up in the main building.

Twin Cayes


Tobacco Caye