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Weightlessly gliding through crystal clear water, listening to the sound of your breath gently flowing through your regulator, and marveling at the spectacular colors of the reef is very difficult to describe if you haven't tried it.

Here on South Water Caye you truly are one with the underwater world of Belize's magnificent Barrier reef.

Diving packages including PADI certification, resort courses, single dives, night dives up through 2-3 dive/day packages are available on patch reefs, the drop off, outer atoll of Glovers Reef and more. Diving arrangements need to be confirmed in advance as they are arranged with local dive operators.

Barrier Reef Diving

The underwater walls around South Water Caye are amongst the best in Belize. From right in front of the caye to approximately 8 miles south extends an underwater cliff face. This wall starts at between 35 to 65 feet and drops off into the abyss. Turtles and eagle rays are the most common large animal encounter. One dive is normally done in the morning and the other after lunch, picking dive sites that suit the experience level of the divers. Generally the first dive is to a depth of 70 ft. and the second one to a depth of about 50 ft. Dive site names include The Abyss, Trick Ridge, Black Beauty, Paradise View, Long Reef.

  • All dives are drift dives, where the boat follows the divers. The dive master carries a marker buoy for safety. All guides are licensed and experienced.