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"It' s not an accredited university but "The Pelican's University" was affectionately named by the hundreds of college, high school and adult student groups that have stayed here over the years."

The Pelican's University is self-contained and designed to house larger groups of up to 23 people. This large two-story dormitory styled building on the west beach:
  • Faces the Maya Mountains and the Belize mainland
  • Has 5 bedrooms with bunk beds with half baths upstairs,
  • Shared ground level showers
  • Large kitchen, spacious recreation, classroom and dining area on the ground floor
All our facilities utilize "green" technology in the form of solar powered lighting, flash heaters for showers, and environmentally friendly waste facilities including composting and waste transfer back to the mainland for disposal.

This is the ideal location for larger family, church or educational groups that prefer to be together.

We offer fully customized itineraries for groups including full in country transportation, marine and terrestrial instructors, and side trips to rainforest, mangrove and marine habitats throughout the country of Belize. Since first opening in 1971 we have had extensive experience in providing these services to groups from high schools, colleges and other large organizations.